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MP3 Player Administration

MP3 Player Administration
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MP3 Player Administration
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Creator digitalboy75
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This is a two parter...the first may override the second, but the second would be super-sweet to get too.

1) I can't seem to find how to set my rank permissions for the Music Playlist administration. Currently our Officers only can upload, and I made a new rank to let one particular user have access. But I can't seem to assign any permissions to that rank. I'm not even sure how I gave Officers access to that menu (or perhaps its only tied to the Website Admin flag?)

2) Having a granular control for the MP3 admin access would be BETTER than having a rank based access. Then I wouldn't have a rank at all :)
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I do see where its tied to the Full Admin flag now. But its still not a good solution for us
It's actually currently tied to the "menuadmin" flag on security settings. It goes that if a user has access to admin the menu, they also have access to admin the music playlist.

Though I could likely give you rank-based control. That said, you can now (as of April) give granular access to anyone by going to Admin > Website Accounts. There's a list of checkboxes that you want that account to have access to.

It's all in the reflexes.
Right...would it be a big separation to have them away from the menuadmin flag?
Sorry, I just reread my post when checking up and I didn't mean to sound like an ass.

When I say 'right' I meant 'right on'. I locked down the access to the menu admin only and that was a HUUUUUGE improvement. Thanks for showing me that
Oh no, I never interpreted any "assness" in your post. Yeah, there are a handful of things to get done, and this will be one of them.

It's all in the reflexes.

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