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BBCode Guide

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Intro to BBCode

BBCode is a type of markup language written to simplify formatting on posts. It replaces and simplifies HTML, ultimately making it easier for non-coders to format their posts exactly as they'd like.

They are done by typing enclosing the tag information inside square-brackets ( [ and ] ). For example [b] is the tag for bolding something.

Non-BBCode Filters

DKPSystem.com employs a number of non-BBCode filters to quickly accommodate posters.
  • Posting a URL will convert it to a link
  • Posting a Image URL (one that ends with .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png will convert to an embedded image)
  • Posting a Youtube.com or Google Video URL will be converted to an embedded video

  • There's one last encoding for accommodating someone who is trying to TELL someone how to use BBCode, and it's {{ and }} will automatically be converted to [ and ] respectively. This allows you post BBCode that won't get rendered.

    Built-in BBCode Tags

    Simple Tags

    Bold: [b]this text is bold[/b]

    Italics: [i]this text is italics[/i]

    Underline: [u]this text is underlined[/u]

    Strike-through: [strike]this text is striken[/strike]

    Tab: [tab] will simply insert a tab space, allowing indentation for a single line

    Indent: [indent]will indent this entire block[/indent]

    Colors: [red]this text is red[/red], [blue]this text is blue[/blue], [#f36f6d8]this text is the color [/#f36f6d8]

    Size: [size=12]This text is 12-point font[/size], [size=24]this text is 24-point font[/size}

    Spoiler: [spoiler]here is some spoiler text[/spoiler]

    Example: Here is a Star Wars spoiler: (click to show spoiler)

    Not Safe For Work: [nsfw]this is something that is not safe for work, such as an explict picture[/nsfw]

    Quoting: (there are three ways to quote)

    [quote]This is the basic quote option[/quote]

    [quote=Joe Blow]This is a quote by Joe Blow website member[/quote]

    [quote=Web Address]This is a quote from the website specified in "Web Address"[/quote]

    Item links: [item]Azuresong Mageblade[/item]

    You can also specify item links for other games, by doing the following:

    [item=game]Other Item[/item]

    For example: [item=war]Warlord Platecoat[/item] will make a Warhammer Online item link.

    Collapse: [collapse=Collapse Title]Content of the Collapsed information[/collapse]

    Example: Click here to expose the Collapsed info

    Hover: [hover=Link Text]Text inside the hover[/hover]

    Example: Hover over me



    Produces the following table:

    Note: When using [cell=x,y], note that x is the number of cells to span, and y is the number of rows to span


    Ordered List


    Produces the following list:
    1. Apples
    2. Oranges

    Bulleted List


    Produces the following:
    • Apples
    • Oranges

    Community Editing

    There is also functionality to arbitrarily choose others who will be allowed to edit parts of your post. This is done as follows:

    [commedit]others may edit this text[/commedit]

    Inter-guide linking

    If the following formats are used on Guides, they will create (if necessary) and link to the new sub-guide. If they are used in forum posts or other "non-guides", they will simply link to the guide, if it exists.

    [guide=warlockguide]The Warlock Guide[/guide] (links to the Guide with the "Easy Link Text" of "warlockguide")

    [guide]Warlock Guide[/guide]
    (will try to find the appropriate guide to link to and change it accordingly)

    Images, Links, and Flash

    Note: No tags are required for images and links. If you post a URL it'll make a link out of it by default. If it ends with .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png it'll insert it as an image

    Links: [url=http://google.com]Google[/url]

    Images: [img]http://blah.com/image.jpg[/img]

    Images with a Width: [img=width]http://blah.com/image.jpg[/img]

    Images with Height and Width: [img=width,height]http://blah.com/image.jpg[/img]

    Flash: [flash=width,height]http://some.address/flash.swf[/flash]

    Custom BBCode Tag Creation

    You can create custom BBCode Tags and Filters on your site. You start by going to Admin > Forum > Custom BBCode, and click "Add New BBCode".

    They rely on Perl Regular Expressions.

    Simple Example

    Let's say you wanted to make a simple profanity filter.

    You'd enter the following into the Regular Expressions and the Replacement Text:

    Advanced Examples

    Let's create a "Craigslist" tag that will automatically redirect to the relevant craigslist location. The syntax will work like this: [craigslist=town]Search query[/craigslist]

    Enter it like the following:

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