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Layout Guide

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In this guide, we'll be attempting to discuss every aspect of the layout possible with the basic system, all the commands and conventions for coding with CSS and HTML with our system, and finally some tips and tricks of the trade to make your site look just a little bit better.

Our target audience will be from the complete noob to the master hacker. You are not expected to have any HTML or programming experience, even for the Advanced Layout stuff, however, you MUST be willing to learn that stuff. We will be linking a number of quality HTML tutorials to help you along, but overall, the advice, walkthroughs, and code snippets will help pretty much everyone.


This guide is available to be edited by those on this site with the rank "Contributor." If you wish to contribute to this guide, read the rules, then let us know, and we can promote you. That said, anyone who gets access and gets lame (deleting posts, inserting bogus information, defacing it), will face our ruthless hand ;)

Table of Contents

Alrighty, now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business.


Outgoing Guide Links
  • Color Configurator
  • CSS
  • Drop-In Templates
  • Embedded Menus
  • HTML
  • Intro to the Advanced Layout Options
  • Javascript
  • Layout File
  • Layout Guide Rules
  • Logos, Backgrounds, and Bullets
  • Menu File
  • Nifty Tricks
  • Pre-Made Color Schemes

  • Last Modified: 12/15/2009 4:45am
    Contributors: Chops
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