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2 Typos to fix Please

2 Typos to fix Please
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2 Typos to fix Please
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Creator psyopp
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ok for my Vanguard site I have a request that should be a quick fix.

1. race type listed as "Half-elf" should be "Half Elf"

2. profession listed as "Blacksmith:Armorysmith" should be "Blacksmith:Armorsmith"

if these are things I can chage then please just let me know how as I didn't see anything obvious.

Jeff B
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Done. These can be modified yourself by going to Admin > Games > Games, then clicking the respective "Tradeskills" and "Races" links. I've gone and done it for you though, as well as fixing it in the source for any new Vanguard guilds.

It's all in the reflexes.

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