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Pricing Breakdown
Our packages are paid for a minimum of 3-months at a time, and we offer significant discounts for 6-, 12-, and 24-month subscriptions paid in advance. All of our plans have a 30-day money back guarantee.
3 Months at a time
per 3 months
per-mon average: $10.00
6 Months at a time
per 6 months
per-mon average: $8.50
Yearly Savings: $7.65
Save 15%
12 Months at a time
per 12 months
per-mon average: $7.00
Yearly Savings: $25.20
Save 30%
24 Months at a time
per 24 months
per-mon average: $5.50
Yearly Savings: $59.40
Save 44%
All sites include the following:
Guild Management System X
Fast and Free Technical Support X
Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage * X
Drop-In Templates X
Advanced Character Profiles X
Event Calendar with integrated raid signup options X
Picture Gallery X
Raid Attendance and Loot System Management with our integrated GuildRaidSnapShot mod X
Loot Systems Supported: DKP, EPGP, NiKarma, SuicideKings X
Custom DKP/EPGP Decay and Tax options X
Raid Attendance Analysis and Graphs X
Raid, Roster, and Profile importing X
Support for Multiple Rosters and even multiple games' rosters on a single site X
Revolutionary 'Thread Tags' forum system X
Raid Progression X
Applications and Recruitment X
Full HTML customization capabilities X
Hover-over item links (i.e. Azuresong MagebladeRefresh This Item) X
Other features: Blogs, Chatroom, Shoutbox, Vent/Teamspeak status, Item requests, Newsletters, and more! X

* Unlimited for most practical purposes. We ask that you "be reasonable". If we find that the site is using "excessive" bandwidth, we will notify you of a problem. To date, we've never had any problem like this.