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Not to be cliche or anything, but Don't take it from us, take it from our pleased customers

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When searching for a DKP host / website, I trialed a few different services and after a while I thought that I would never really find something that covered all of our needs. When I did find hosts that were 'good' there was always something missing; either the package was good, but the service was terrible, or vice versa.

DKPSystem.com is ridiculously easy to administer, and the setup is quick and painless. The site has absolutely everything our WoW guild needs, including a very thorough and well thought through DKP system management. As a novice to DKP systems, I managed to set one up for our guild and it's working very well for us.

However, all of the great features aside the thing that makes this website stand out from all the rest is the level of service. Chops (you WILL get to know him by name) is the main man to speak to on this site about anything, and the level of service he provides to his customers is second to none. Every problem I've had (usually through human error or lack of knowledge on my part) has been sorted extremely quickly and usually on the first reply. Features are constantly being added to the system all the time, and it's an absolute joy to host our guild site here.

I have already recommended DKPsystem to one of my friends who now hosts his guild site here, and I wouldn't recommend anywhere else.

Thanks for looking after us.

GotMilk of Gruul Intentions

     -GotMilk, GruulIntentions
I am the biggest critic when it comes to websites for our Guild, or as LORTO would say, Kinship. I am the Leader and Founder of The Isengard Order, on Lord of the Rings Online, and our Kinship has been in the gaming world for a very long time.

We have had several websites along the way, but I must say that DKP Systems is by far, the best gaming guild site I have ever encountered, period! It serves every purpose of exactly what our Kinship needs and wants in a gaming website. Every other site we have had has failed to deliver what DKP Systems offers in every way. DKP Systems will always be part of our Kinship.

For anyone reading this testimonial, if you choose DKP Systems as your Guild/Kinship website, you will not be disappointed by any means. I will stand behind DKP Systems until the end of time.

Thanks Chops for the best gaming site ever bro, you are stuck with us until the end!

Simkin Storm
Leader and Founder
The Isengard Order

     -Simkin Storm, The Isengard Order
WOW you guys rock....our guild has been around since the early days of beta and we have gone through at least 4 web sites created by various methods....by far yours is the easiest and fastest to use....the dkp system is just amazing and makes life so simple.

The forums although different than what I was used to is also a better way....you made a believer out of me.

To top it off you got the best response time to issues I have ever seen..you should go work at Blizzard at teach them a thing or two ;)

Best money I could have spent.


     -Armageddon, Wudan
We have had our website for a little over two weeks now. I couldn't be more pleased. Our site is really starting to come together. I am so happy with the way it is so easy to maintain. I don't have to spend hours every day manually compiling information to transfer over to the page, because it updates most everything automatically!

I am especially thrilled with the customer service from dkpsystem.com. All of my questions were answered quickly and the information was given in such a way that I actually understood the answer!

Chops, You Rock! Thanks for doing such a great job!

     -Teta, Sodality
All I can say is that since switching our guild's site over to a DKPsystem.com site, everything has been much better. I have more time to focus on the guild and playing the game, and if there ever is a problem with the site (which is hardly ever!), Chops has it fixed usually within minutes!

Come join us! You will be very happy here. For the small price that you pay, it is worth every penny. I might even pay more! Don't get any ideas Chops! LMAO!

Thanks again for everything Chops. I'll be re-upping again at the end of my year with you without a doubt!

     -Jaz, Untold Brotherhood
Our guild went through several different hosting providers before I stumbled upon DKPSystem. One of our providers said that he knew exactly what we wanted, played WoW and could get us up and running in a couple days. After 1 month not even being able to access our site, we dumped them. DKPSystem is by far the fastest, easiest and most stress free way to get your guild up on the Internet (even if you are not using a DKP System).

When you add the level of support that we have received at DKPSystem, the packages move from "extraordinary value" to "must have". If you don't have a DKPSystem website there are only two reasons.

1. You are newb'ing it up
2. You are spending too much time with code when you could be doing something else (and thus are #1)

     -Carman, Invictus Maneo
I just wanted to state that your 30-day satisfaction promise is amazing. I thought at first I'd end up cancelling at the end of 28 days or so. It took me about 2 hours to figure out how to properly and efficently work most of the site. It's amazing how simple and easy you've made such a complex situation.

     -Moncleared, Anarchy
At first, things were relatively confusing, and the walkthrough was clear on some aspects, but now, after using it more than a few times, I love it, I love the capability of the site, the ease of use, the options, the forums, I bought the whole bundle and the attachment ability lets me post quality videos of our kills :D

i do recommend this site, and highly, so many way to customize your look, attract new members, track your progression, its awesome :D

thanks for an awesome site :P

     -Beleis, Day Break
I've been a Guild leader (1 0f 5) of a guild for about 2.5 years now, and we've had a website elsewhere for about 2 of those years. Let me tell you, I wish I had found this place 2 years ago... this is worlds better than what I've been suffering with all this time.

Adding content is so much easier now, a couple of quick links and I've got a new page with whatever I need it to say or show.

Now that I'm heading out on my own to start a new guild, I'm glad I came here for my website solution... I think I would have gone insane trying to build the site at the other place I've been with all this time!

     -Akusai, Myth Adventurers
This site is by far the best investment I've ever made. Just the dkp stuff saved me hours every raid. With the account ranks I can have my officers do it so I don't even have to be there.

The looks are completely configurable, the functionality is off the scale. There are zero competitors that can hold a candle to it. Everytime I thought of something I might want I'd tell Chops about it and within days, Bam, new feature.

I been using the site since beta, I have the full feature version, and with the little amount of work I've put in, my site blows every guild out of the water on my server and most others. Plus I didn't program anything, I ask for a feature or tweak and Chops delivers. Without the dkp stuff, forums, links, ranks, admin access, one login for everything, I couldn't imagine trying to run a quality guild without this site trying to do all that stuff myself. If you're serious about running a decent gaming community, this setup is a must in my book.

     -Sparticas, Dark Wrath
I don't know crap about HTML design or PHP scripting, but in only 2 weeks DKPSystem has allowed us to put up a ton of content. The site gives our guild plenty of pre-configured storage areas for content and such and it literally takes no time to figure out any "how-to" nonsense. It just works the way you'd expect it to work.

We've had a couple of really minor glitches that Chops sorted out immediately after I posted on the support forum. Also we've already seen a few of our suggestions implemented which just have made the site that much more valuable to us.

We'll be ramping our full DKP systems in the next week and can't wait to try out the new Priority Loot List feature that we use for our MC loot distribution. The SnapShot mod is also a godsend for anyone who's ever had to manually track raid attendance / boss kills and manually enter it.

I also love how Chops stays active on the support boards and is constantly refining the design and features to the the ideas from the guild community feedback.

Here's my grades:

Features: 9
Price/Performance: 10
Ease of Use: 9
Flexibility: 10
Support: 11

In short, this portal is a must have if you want to spend less time dealing with DKP and putting up content and spend more time enjoying the game.

     -Greenhouse, Apocalypse
Just wanted any of you that have considered using DKPSystem.com but haven't taken the leap yet.....Do it!

It is well worth it, the support from Chops is awesome. The site is well worth it and cuts alot of the hassle of trying to set everything up detail for detail.

It was an easy transition for me to move over to DKPSystem.com and I urge those of you that have larger raiding guilds to go with it. Now communication is much better through the website, you can sign-up for raids, see things that others are looking to get, set up simple permissions for ranks that actually correspond with your guild and not the number of posts you have made.

So my endorsement is for DKPSystem.com. Well worth it!

     -Beslan, Legacy of Ascension
I have never seen a more intuitive guild web site. It's easy to use and the support I've received has been top notch. The DKP system cut my time I need to spend administering my site by 80%. I can now spend more time enjoying the game I love. I certainly did not need the 30 day money back guarantee, but it was nice to know I had it. Thank you so much for creating such an excellent product and standing behind it.

     -Ravenbeard, Kamikazes
DKPSystem.com is fantastic! After looking around at a number of sites and other service providers we chose to go with DKPSystem. It is a totally integrated package and serves all of our needs.

As a guild leader without any real interest in or time for the technical aspects of setting up a guild site and a DKP system, I would recommend DKPSystem.com to anyone.

     -Dodes, BlackPearl
You don't mess around. Just another reason to appreciate your site. When we first changed over to DKPSystem, I didn't like the idea of change, but recently I've had a chance to learn more about it and can see how powerful and functional it is. Now I've experienced the support. It's always good to work with someone who understands how a business is supposed to work.

     -Emun, Fabled
DKPSystem.com is simply the *Best* out there when it comes to guild hosting, you get an edgy yet professional look along with interactive features.

     -StrangerX, Imperium
I am very happy with DKPSystem.com. It has already saved me tons of time, great job.

     -Wanna, The New Beginning
Our guild enjoys that we actually got a site that we can use. It's been a huge help to us and I am VERY VERY happy with the service I have gotten when I needed help. I totally recommend the use of DKPSystem.com Sites....

     -Niccii, Sword of Fate
just got the website up and all i have to say is i want to have your babies! user friendly and so far all the guild loves it. btw dont be cheap for the whole package! ;)

     -Dizmle, Novalert
I've been using DKPSystem's service for a month now and i can see a magnificent guild service here. Specially with the help of Chops, nothing is impossible.

Its been alot easier to manage DKP on dkpsystem.

     -Firanda, Paragon
I recently started a Kinship in LOTRO and found this site accidentally while searching for a guild management/website tool. What a lucky find! This is spectacular. Thank you very much for the offering. I agree, I doubt that you'll get any cancellations in the 30 day window!

     -Nikrono, Elevensies
You guys have been doing a great job and I would recommend your services to anyone who would listen. You have been incredibly responsive to any issues in the past and from the business perspective that makes you very successful in my eyes.

     -Whispyre, Storm Riders
Thanks for building such a great resource. Honestly, it has become the
heart and soul of our guild and we leverage it as much as possible (and
have even taught some non-net-saavy people how to do amazing things with

     -Aliina, Que Sera Sera
The dark ressurection guild is very helpful.And they r having a contant communication with each other.Thanks for all ur help guys!!!!!!!!

     -analie, darkressurection
First, I want to thank you for helping me through my rough spots, which were really very easy once I opened my eyes.
Second, I am so very happy I came across the service you offer. It is wonderful. We are now starting to add the members to the site and I was very worried on the reception a new site to them would bring, but so far, they love it. I have heard nothing but good things. Layout, Ease of Use and overall abilities they have to personalize it. Nicely done. Thank you.

     -Elizabeth, Bloodsiege
My users love using the site and take full advantage of it. Thanks for building such a great resource. Honestly, it has become the heart and soul of our guild and we leverage it as much as possible (and have even taught some non-net-saavy people how to do amazing things with

     -Aliina, Que Sera Sera
Something of note -- when we started our guild on this server, I was the only officer willing to track DKP for our guild when the time came. So as we all levelled up, I shopped around for different services (I wanted to find one that provided the easiest tracking system) and went through 2 or 3 before I found yours. We were still in ZG when I activated our account with dkpsystem.com, and one of our guildmembers submitted us to the realm forums under endgame guild progression. Soon after, I switched our URL to www.team-effect.com . -- but the guild progression page on the WoW forums still had us listed with the dkpsystem.com URL. I kept thinking "I'll post our new site name at some point" but never got around to it. As we progressed further along (we're starting BWL now) and started leapfrogging other guilds and gaining more and more attention and applicants, I decided to leave the site name as it is, so people can see right there on the page what service we use. I'm hoping that way they'll notice the " dkpsystem.com" and be prompted to check you out for their own guild websites. :)

I could go on and on about how much we love our site!

     -Angua Darkblood, Team Effect
I first heard about DKPsystem when burning crusades was still new. I was searching through WoW forums, visiting prospective guild website. One of the sites I visited was hosted by DKPsystem. I was intrigued by the uniqueness of their website having used phpBB for many years.

Several years down the track, I helped build up a successful raiding guild. Eventually, the need for a website was obvious and I only had one idea in mind: DKPsystem! So off I went to sign up and I was very pleased with what they had to offer.

Firstly it was very cheap compared to other providers. Its a bargain, especially compared to the cost of running a Ventrillo server. Its packed with features and easy to setup and customize and everywhere you look there is always something interesting to discover on the website. It is alot more interactive than any guild website I have used.

And the service is excellent. I really get the sensation that DKPsystem genuinely cares about your patronage. Chops makes an effort to respond to all the posts and goes out of his way to address any issues, and actually implements many suggestions from other customers. You know you will be looked after and are treated like an individual, not just a number. Also, kudos to their sincerity, whenever the website has issues, they usually credit customers with generous bonus time.

     -Spes, Matrix
I have tried a couple of WoW guild webhosting sites: GuildPortal and Wowstead. Those cannot even begin to touch what DKPSystem brings to the table, seriously. You have complete control of the layout and design of your site... all with no prior coding knowledge required! It's ease of use is unparalleled. The initial thing I enjoyed was the free trial period which gave me NO reason not to try it out. In addition, if after signing up you aren't satisfied- for whatever reason- you can just cancel your subscription, as long as you are within your allotted time. This service has so many options that the first thing I had to do was deciding which ones I was going to implement into my guild's site. Lastly, DKPSystem's accredidation through the Better Business Bureau is, in my opinion, profound. Admin's responses to questions and/ or issues are addressed swiftly and efficiently... in a professional and easy to understand manner. I could not be more happier with my choice for creating, building, and hosting my guild's website through DKPSystem.

     -Stephakanoni, Bring The Ruckus
DKP System is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to create a professional looking guild/clan website without all the hassle of coding and advanced html etc. You have the choice of standard templates or ones you can customize for your own needs. I designed ours in photoshop and just dropped it in...easy!

Without a doubt the its the best you can get!

     -Coolaz, The Dominion