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Okay I am trying to set up a seperate dkp system for just the officers in our guild to keep track of ppl in raids. I am wanting to be able to put things in like in the current standings on the dkp:default but instead of the fields that I am given to choose from I am wanting to make my own fields like... Raid signups, afk penalty, raid attendance, boss progression kills, unintentional pulls, unintentional deaths, no signups, late raid, no shows, no notice/ ditching, pugging other raids during normal raids. Those are the fields I am needing so that I can assign points in each as needed so that I can also make a formula so that we can keep track of each person under each of these and overall. If there is a way to add these fields under a menu I would love for you to help expain it to me.

Thank you Michi
God Bless our Troops and their Families!!!!!
At current, the system cannot handle that diversity of requests and have them all made fields. Aside from Raid attendance, those are all things that are typically handled via adjustments, and I strongly recommend treating them as such.

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With the level of problems you've got listed, it's not the DKP system that needs fixing - it's your raiders. If there are that many issues you need to address, go after the root cause and start cracking some skulls to prevent the issues from occurring in the first place lol.


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