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Lower City Dailies

Lower City Dailies
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I somehow doubt this is remotely possible, but is there any way for you to read what the new dailies are each day and have a new menu item of some kind that displays them? Just a thought.

What kind of display are you looking for?

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Well the basic idea would be, if somehow it is possible, to read some info from Blizzard everyday, that tells us what dailies are up for that day ... It's not that big a deal, but we started a post on our site for people to post what dailies are for the day ... just thought it might be cool if it was automated somehow. As I said, something tells me it's not possible without manually entering it every day ... which doesn't completely defeat the purpose, but kinda does.

Anyway, I see the end result just being a menu item that says :

Heroic : Steamvaults
Regular : Mechanar
Battleground : Arathi Basin


I don't believe it is readable from the game until someone takes it from the quest giver in which case it would then get picked up by DKPProfiler. Problem I see there is that you can pick up a daily and never complete it thus you essentially could have a conflict where there are multiple daily's in some members quest logs.

I think this would have to be something Blizzard puts on their Calendar for it to be automated.

Just my opinion.

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I had a feeling that might be the case, and posted it on the WoW Suggestion Forums ... /holdsbreath ^_^


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