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Newsletter Function Broken

Newsletter Function Broken
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Newsletter Function Broken
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Creator Verno
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I'm not able to edit a newsletter I'm preparing - I'm getting a 500 error when I go to save. This was fine yesterday. At first I was getting a 502 error when accessing any part of the site (via different ISPs), but that fixed itself. However, saving a newsletter edit still isn't working.

It's due to go out today, so if you can restart whatever needs restarting or whatever, I'd be grateful!
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Interesting. I just tested on your site and I was not having issue adding something to your newest newsletter then saving, then removing it, and then saving again.

What browser are you experiencing this in? (I tested only with Chome on Linux).

My initial recommendation is the old saw "clear the cache, restart the browser, and see what happens". The error you're describing is usually something that you might see if there was corruption in the database and the request was failing.

If the error continues, would you be able to post a screenshot of the error?

The 502 errors were related to a crash at the data center, but have since *mostly* recovered (some of the servers are still doing filesystem checks).

It's all in the reflexes.
Scratch that, I found something awry, and I'm looking into it. Your site may be offline for a bit using orc-of-the-covenant.com, but it should be fully accessible by ootc.dkpsystem.com, at least until this gets fixed
(should only be a handful of minutes).

It's all in the reflexes.
And it's all back. Give it a shot.

It's all in the reflexes.
Working now, thanks for the speedy response. :-)
You're welcome. Interestingly enough, the problem was with the load balancer and not the web servers. The filesystem on the load balancer flipped to read-only, and so there were some weird issues with it serving things, so the problem would have been intermittent.

While the other servers simply rebooted when the Datacenter's SAN freaked out, the load balancer stayed online but with the read only file system, was getting hung up on things.

So a reboot was conveniently all it took

It's all in the reflexes.

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