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Application Abuse?

Application Abuse?
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Application Abuse?
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Creator woh
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We recently (last night sometime) has someone post a rather hostile and foul application to our guild web site.

I wonder if you could tell me the IP of that poster?

The thread below is the post.

Love the great work you are all doing.

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If you have to privileges you should be able to see it. You may have to change your Thread Layout from Minimalist to Vertical or another built in layout.

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So to expand on what Nullified stated. I can only see this from my Admin account.
On the left hand side of the post in the information box right below the name and rank it will show the IP of the person that posted. This is the only way I know how to find it for an application.

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All answers are correct. Just look under the name "Application" on the left. For non-admins, it'll show "Poster's IP: Logged", but for you, if you're logged in as admin, it should should "Poster's IP: XXX.YYY.ZZZ.AAA"

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