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Layout File

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The Layout File is the bread and butter of any Advanced Layout for your DKPSystem.com site. It lays out everything, and uses our custom commands to embed the functionality of the site into your page layout.

These are the commands that get embedded into the Layout File:
<!--System:Title-->This will display the page title wherever you want to place it. It's useful to include this inside <title> tags and somewhere else prominently on the page
<!--System:StaticTitle-->This will display the "static title" of the page, which works out to being the file name without the extension or any leading slashes. So forum.php becomes "forum" and "viewthread.php?threadid=34" becomes "viewthread."
<!--System:PageDesc-->This will display a basic 'Page Description' which is usually displayed below the title
<!--System:NextEventName-->This displays the Next Scheduled Event Name
<!--System:NextEventDate-->This displays the date of the next Scheduled Event in the format 'Mon, May 8th, 2006'
<!--System:NextEventTime-->This displays the time of the next Event Time in the format '8:00 PM'
<!--System:NextXEvents-->This displays the date and time of the next X scheduled events, where X is the number of events you wish to dispay.
<!--System:StartNextEvents-->Allows you to customize the means of displaying the next events. This has it's own syntax and formatting
<!--System:TopStats-->'TopStats' are the statistics of the nature 'Number of active players', 'Number of Posts in 24 hours', etc.
<!--System:PopularThreads-->This the list of the algorithmically determined 'Popular threads'
<!--System:Login-->The <!--System:Login--> Command is a synonym for <!--System:Menu:Login--> command.
<!--System:Online-->This will display the content of <!--System:OnlineOnly--> wrapped in a menu.
<!--System:OnlineOnly-->This will display the list of "Current Members Online" without the menu structure.
<!--System:Last10Items-->This displays the last 10 items received in the DKP System without the menu structure
<!--System:CountDown-->This will display the official 'Count Down' to the next event, ala '14 hours, 28 minutes, and 28 seconds until BWL'
<!--System:Calendar-->Displays the Calendar without the menu structure
<!--System:Content-->The CONTENT of the page will be placed here. If this command is not specified, the page content is appended to the end of this layout file
<!--System:Copyright-->Places the copyright notice. If none is provided, the copyright notice is simply appended to the page.
<!--System:IfRank:XXX-->This is used to determine if the current user is at least rank XXX.
<!--System:Menu:XXX-->This will display the Menu 'XXX'. So if you entered 'System:Menu:Resources' it will display the Resources Menu here. There is also special code for DKP
<!--System:StartEmbedMenu-->This works like the System Menu command, but it allows you to customize menus on the page for each menu. This is commonly used for defining a top bar for a main menu, and then putting the other menus on the right and left.
<!--System:Menus:(Left|Right|All)-->This will display all the menus on the Right, Left, or all in general, Ignoring the menus provided in optional Ignore option
<!--System:IfMenus:(Left|Right)-->This checks to see if there are any menus on the right or left

Incoming Guide Links
  • Intro to the Advanced Layout Options
  • Layout Guide
  • Outgoing Guide Links
  • <!--System:Calendar-->
  • <!--System:Content-->
  • <!--System:Copyright-->
  • <!--System:CountDown-->
  • <!--System:IfMenus-->
  • <!--System:IfRank:XXX-->
  • <!--System:Last10Items-->
  • <!--System:Menu:XXX-->
  • <!--System:Menus-->
  • <!--System:NextEvent-->
  • <!--System:NextXEvents-->
  • <!--System:OnlineOnly-->
  • <!--System:PageDesc-->
  • <!--System:PopularThreads-->
  • <!--System:StartNextEvents-->
  • <!--System:StaticTitle-->
  • <!--System:Title-->
  • <!--System:TopStats-->
  • Embedded Menus

  • Last Modified: 4/3/2008 5:21pm
    Contributors: Chops
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