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An Apology

10/3/07 7:47am
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6/19/08 4:43pm
The Big Update is done! What's next?
12/19/07 6:36pm
'Tis the season, eh?
10/3/07 7:47am
An Apology
8/13/07 11:34pm
Two Exciting New Things in the Very Near Future!
In business, and more particularly, when you offer a service or product in exchange for payment, the recipient of the product doesn't want excuses for why things don't work, they want the problem solved. No amount of "I'm Sorry"s will solve their problem.

That stated, I haven't been as proficient as I usually am when it comes to developing new features and interface changes, and unfortunately, I have to give an excuse. That excuse is that I'm getting married in less than three weeks, so my schedule is indeed a bit hectic. But I must apologize for not developing as quickly as I have in the past.

However, I have been actively working on a number of features, the most pressing of which involves tweaks to the DKP entering process, this includes "Standby" information (which I had thought would be a rather simple implementation, but which involves changing more pages than I had thought), as well as overall improvements to the interface.

The Advanced Layout Options interface needs an overhaul and will be getting one, as well as moving the documentation to a "better" place.

There are some fun Ajax changes that will be filtering their way into the primary interfaces. Things like auto-completion and a calendar selection for dates on forms. These are both long overdue features that are also in active development.

I'll be announcing a drop-in template submission process that should be much more appealing to potential submitters than ""You get recognition for your work." After all, recognition doesn't put food on your table, does it? In short, the criteria will involve an evaluation of a submitted template and an offer to license to Sigma Star Systems (the actual company name for the DKPSystem.com service). More details are on the way, but this is a brief taste of what's coming there.

In short, there are changes coming that should make your life a little easier as a user and administrator of your guild sites on DKPSystem.com. Admittedly, this coming update pales in comparison to the scope of the last major update (the drop-in templates one).

But I would like to apologize for the slower development. You have come to expect a certain speed with which things get developed, and in that regard, I've let some of you down. For that I am sorry, and hopefully, I can address your issues quickly enough.