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my site now goes to dkpsystem.com main site

my site now goes to dkpsystem.com main site
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my site is redirecting to dkpsystem.com

almost as if it wasn't there and then moved to the fault.

my main page still displays duskraiders.dkpsystem.com

but if you click it to go to news you go to www.dkpsystem.com instead.

this seems to have resolved it self. possible web server crash.

possible it was due to me deleting old accounts in about 30 firefox tabs at once.

WTB mass account delete page
There was a temporary issue with the server and the DNS failover kicked in. I have a feeling that your DNS just needs to recache and it'll be good to go. Our TTL time is only 5 minutes, so that's the max length you should have to wait.

For me it's loading properly.

It's all in the reflexes.
My site also gets redirected. Im sure they are fixing the issue.
Are you still experiencing the problem? If so, just try closing the browser and re-opening it.

It's all in the reflexes.

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