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Blog Comment Thread Tag

Blog Comment Thread Tag
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So, we've got the neato, super snazzy Blog Comment thread tag and I want to get rid of it. I tried deleting it just like a normal thread tag, but it just pops back up in our uncategorized thread tag section. I disabled blogs on our page and it's still there.

Anyone have any suggestions as to why it's not taking the hint and hitting the high road?

Thanks in advance!
At the top of Admin > Forum > Thread Tags, select a different thread tag to use for Blog Comments.

Once this is done, you can safely delete the Blog Comments tag, without it being re-created.

The same principle applies to News comments and Gallery comments.

It's all in the reflexes.
Sadly, I've tried that before. I moved it to our Officers section of the forums and then attempted a delete from there. It took it out of the Officer section and made a new one in the uncategorized section again ><

BTW, thanks for the quick response. Nice to have good, quick support.
Hmm...That's the way it's supposed to do it. What's the address of the site in question?

It's all in the reflexes.

It's down in the officer section right now. I'd say you wouldn't be able to see it, but uhhh...yeah, we all know you have super powers.
I went ahead and deleted the Blog Comments tag for you, but I'll show you what I meant.

Changing the Default tag for Blog Comments to another tag (in your case, I've changed it to "Pressing Matters"), will allow you to delete the auto-created tag.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ohhhhhh...good God am I mental.

Thanks a ton, Chops!

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