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Switching Websites?

Switching Websites?
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OK here goes the maybe explanation
I have my own dkpsystem website from a went nowhere guild. The guild I am currently in also uses dkpsystem.com, however the person who set it up is no longer in that guild, and formed his own, and still retains admin over the guilds site.
What I would like to do, is to use my dkpsystem site, with the other guilds domain... and of course merge all the forums and dkp info, and as well as all the current guild members.
Is this possible?

I actually have a similar request. Maybe a bit differnt, but it sounds like it comes down to the same thing.

I am leaving my guild and I want to take my account with me. Before I do that however, I would like to leave the guild I am leaving a carbon copy of the site on a different account.

Very similar to your situation.
For Drameste's situation, this process would be simplified by having the current owner of the site approve a transfer like this. While it's not quite a Relinquishing of Power, it remains a transfer of the data in a very similar fashion and we would need approval from that user.

For Healidude's situation, this is totally doable. Once the new site is created, just let me know, and I can duplicate it for you (and have the new user post in here as well to notify that he approves of that).

It's all in the reflexes.
Perfect! I thank you sir. I'll get her to create a site asap.

Ok, she made a site wtfguild.dkpsystem.com. I have told her to post here to confirm/approve the xfer.

The request will be to copy all contents/layout/everything from wtf.dkpsystem.com to wtfguild.dkpsystem.com

After that has been done, I will remove/change the wtf subdomain on my account and she can use it if she likes.


p.s. Oh and if possible it would also mean copying over the users. The only change would be that the account ownship and all admin rights would be her, and NOT me. Does that make sense?
You have my approval to copy all info from wtf.dkpsystem.com to wtfguild.dkpsystem.com. Let me know if you have any questions.



It's all in the reflexes.

Thank you sir. Aside from the blue (which im sure is in the css and not a big deal to update), everything looks spot on!

Thanks again Chops!

Everything looks perfect, the one question I have is my rank on the website wtfguild.dkpsystem is Raider and I am unable to change that. Any suggestions?
Try just logging out and logging back in. Everything else in your configuration looks kosher.

It's all in the reflexes.
OK, I will talk it over with my current Gm and see if we can get the approval from the previous GM,
Would be able to just post the approval here?
P.S. sorry for the late reply, been a little busy lately.
Yep, that would be sufficient.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ok he should be posting his approval tonight when he gets a chance.
So we would be copying EQ.dkpsytem.com to absolutguild.dkpsystem.com

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