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!dkp Command Question

!dkp Command Question
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I'm using the DKP mod with EPGP for my guild.

I noticed when I issued !dkp against myself in a tell, I was given back my "EP" amount, not the "Priorty" rating (otherwise known as total). I don't want my guild to be issuing the !dkp command when it's not going to do the math to give them the proper ranking. Is this a known issue or am I just hosing something up in the process? When I am ingame, the GRSS tool shows exactly what it should for the math, it just outputs another number than the one I am looking for.

EPGP concept (for those who aren't aware of how it works):
EP = Effort Points (raid kills, gbank donations, etc.)
GP = Gear Points (points spent on gear)
PRI = Priority for next piece of loot (EP/GP = PRI)

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