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No screen shots

No screen shots
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I just had member go and check their raid attendance to make sure it was accurate and they ended up submitting 10 raids they said they were at. Half of them there is no screen shots for. I noticed that the mod hasn't taken a new screen shot since 12-16-07 and we have done 3 raids a week since a so I am missing screen shots for 9 raids. And I think he is mistaken on one of the days but I can not confirm it.
The auto-screenshotting was disabled by default due to many complaints of people who hated the "big lag" when a boss dies, and not realizing they could change it.

You'll want to have that guy enable the screenshots by typing

/grss yesscreenshot

For clearing the GRSS Settings, have him to /grss reset, rather than deleting the file, and it'll retain it's history.

It's all in the reflexes.

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