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Calendar Event / Raid

Calendar Event / Raid
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Not sure if I did something to remove the option but the ability to "Cannot Attend" is not present on the Calendar.

I can't choose it.

The key shows the following.

Key: Approved, Waiting List, Awaiting Approval, Denied
The "Cannot Attend" option appears below the summary list. It doesn't show in the normal class-based list.

When you are signing up, you can choose "Cannot Attend," but an admin cannot change someone's signup from one of those four listed options to "Cannot Attend."

It's all in the reflexes.
Ok to expand on this. I was under the impression the drop down box would have a comment like can not attend, which you would then submit.

I nopw see that by default it says Nobody, if you submit from there, it then comes up as can not attend. Oh boy. Thanks for the reply.

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