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Coming from Another Clan site Hoster, looking for a Home.

Coming from Another Clan site Hoster, looking for a Home.
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I am very new to this host coming from Clantoolz.com where my orginal clan was being hosted. Clantoolz is a great hoster but has virtually no support that they claim to have. I'm interested in moving my clan to another hoster but I noticed that this one does not support Runescape. I would like to know if I am making a mistake coming to this clan site hoster?
Perhaps I'm biased, but I'd say that moving here wouldn't be a mistake

Now, at the moment, we don't have a standard for Runescape, but I can certainly make that happen. Admittedly, I'm a bit ignorant to the details of Runescape, so if you would be so kind to answer my few questions here, I'd be glad to add a ninja-fast runescape support.

1) Are there levels? If so, what is the level cap?
2) Are there classes? If so, what are they?
3) Are there tradeskills? If so, what are they called (professions, tradeskills, jobs, etc), what are the particular tradeskills (alchemy, herbalism, blacksmithing, etc), and do the tradeskills have levels, and finally if so, what is the tradeskill level cap?
4) Are there Races? If so, what are they?

Building in further advances comes with time, but I think you'll find us very conducive to adding features.

It's all in the reflexes.

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