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Waiting list in snapshots

Waiting list in snapshots
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Hi Chops,

I know that you were working on getting the snapshots to show ppl online but on waiting list.

Is there an ETA on this - or have you allready implemented it, and I just fail badly for not getting how to see it? >.<

You did not fail. I did. I meant to deliver it last week, but with a number of important architectural changes, it got pushed to the backburner.

I'll be adding it this coming week, and if I fail to deliver by Wednesday or Thursday, hound me until I do.

It's all in the reflexes.

Hey Chops,

I am not sure if this have been implemented yet, so can you give me an update?

Also if there are no ppl on waiting list will we be able to see some kind of headline in the snapshort saying "ppl on waiting list" which is just left blank then ?

The changes to the GRSS have been made to support this. Today, I'll be working on the import procedure to support it.

It's all in the reflexes.
Great - thanks Chops

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