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Uploaded Picture and Screenshot Quality

Uploaded Picture and Screenshot Quality
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Is there anywhere I can change the quality of the pictures we upload to the site?

For example, if I take a screenshot at the highest quality and upload it to my site, it looks like crap (it seems to down-rank the quality to about 10%)

Is there a size limit, or anything like that I should be aware of?

Edit: and I don't mean in game or anything ... I mean specifically with the DKPsystem site.
yeah i'm having the same problem here. my screen runs at 1900x1050 and the screenshots uploaded are 1200x800 and looks like crap. any way to change the default displayed resolution?
At the moment, no, but this is something I'm planning: The images get uplaoded and stored in native format, and are then resized on the display page to like 1200 across, which clicking will display them at full resolution. Kinda how imageshake does it.

It's all in the reflexes.

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