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Changing Servers

Changing Servers
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Changing Servers
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Creator Shianne
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Type Bug
Section of the Site Characters/Roster
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On EQ2 our server, Kithicor... was merged into Butcherblock.
I went to Admin->Games-> Main Server/Realm. I entered the new server name and saved it with the option to Apply this change universally on your site (Characters, Rosters, etc)? (highly recommended)
Unfortunately, it did not change the characters, the rosters etc. They all remained as saying Kithicor. And this removed the Guild the characters were associated with. I changed it back to Kithicor and the guild affiliations have been restored.
Can you change anything Kithicor to Butcherblock or get the functionality of the option to work? =)

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays Chops!
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You should be good to go! Sorry for the delay on this.

Please let me know if I missed something, and also, I found the culprit.

It's all in the reflexes.

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