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custom dkp collumn question.

custom dkp collumn question.
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Ok, our dkp system rewards folks for punctuality, and penalizes them for being late.

I wanted to make a custom dkp system that had a collumn specifically for the "Late" points, and have the option to set this with a X value.

the current system is like this
earned - spent = total

I would like to be able to do this
earned - spent - "late" = total

where in this case "late" could have a custome value,
On the "current standings" page it would only display the number of times a player had been late to a raid, while the value is staic. so if a player was late 4 times, but the value for being late was -10dkp, the "current standings" page would show 4 in this collumn, but the total would be adjusted by -40.

Now i understand that his might be asking a bit much. But is there any way to create a custom dkp system that will accomodate this custom collumn i am looking for?
At the moment, this isn't really possible. My recommendation for late-penalties is to use an adjustment, though there is currently no way to see the number of "lates" on the list.

There are plans to improve the reach and capabilities of the custom DKP columns, but this level of depth is currently outside the new specs. Perhaps with another iteration.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks Chops, you are always helpful.

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