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Filtering HELP!!

Filtering HELP!!
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I've recently was looking at your site and started using this and all the get features. I have a concern though when I make filters aka applications and raid leader apps. i want the incoming apps and raid leader apps to automatically get tagged for filtering, based on the name of the app and filter into these. allowing a far easier time to review and approve/deny. please assist
Let me see if I understand your request. Do you want new apps to have certain thread tags applied based on the name of the application itself?

You can actually do this in Admin > Characters and Accounts > Applications and Recruitment. Then you can choose which thread tag you wish to have applied to the thread for that application.

It's all in the reflexes.
OK this is what im trying to do just as you described above however there are no options when i look in admin under the described location. do I have to enter a separate URL?? otherwise i dont have an option to enable
NVM i found it heh if it was a bear sry for the inconvenience

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