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Tantoré,(ßobo). My main is an 80 hunter, well geared, exp, and know the class very well. Other than playing with my real life friends raiding is my farvort part of the game. I'm 20 years old, college student off for summer. My work hours never change (other than the time my bosses computer blew up) so no promlbes due to work. Groltank Deathstar and Drmerrick are all real life friends of mine. I plain to leave Mp due to them being dick heads to other players for no reasons, and they are taking out the fun of the game. I loved running with you guys tonight in 25 man. its been a long time since i have enjoyed raiding that much.
I would love to be able to run in main 25 group, but understand there are two hunters whom both have been in guild for some time now.

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