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Help with multiple application choices

Help with multiple application choices
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Hey guys, we went in and made separate applications for each class (and are still building upon the idea). The problem we're running into is that even though the settings are all the same in the "Settings" section of the "Application and Recruitment" section for each class, only the very first one shows up under the "Applications" link in our Leadership/Admin section (the link that lets you quickly go through apps and archive them, etc...).

How do I make it so they all will be seen by the Applications link?

Secondly, we haven't figured out a way to get around this, but currently as a placeholder until we do we have a link that says "Select your Class" in the drop down which basically doesn't have any application questions other than the original form. If there's a way that someone can think of to better simulate this we're all ears! LOL

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--- Me

First time helper here but I figured I would try and give it a shot to see if I can be of some assistance to ya.

I am assuming that you are talking about this portal here ( http://<yoursite>.dkpsystem.com/adminappreport.php ) and you are not having your multiple app forms showing up in this section.

What I have done as a test in my site was this, (perhaps this is what you are referring to or not, but I believe it is) I went into the applications and recruitment section in the admin portal ( http://<yoursite>.dkpsystem.com/adminapp.php ) and created a druid class application.

From there, I clicked on the "apply to <guild>" link on the application menu 'program', which of course brings you to your default application. The default application has a drop down at the top of it that you can select what app that you want to fill out. In this drop down I selected my druid application.

I then copied the URL of this new druid application and then went back into the applications and recruitment section ( http://<yoursite>.dkpsystem.com/adminapp.php ) and selected the option 'recruiting' on my default site application.

For the druid section, in the alternate location box, I put in the URL of the druid app (the one I copied to the clipboard).

then after saving, and reloading the page, I clicked on the druid location on the recruitment mod. This brought me directly to the druid specific app. I filled out my test one and submitted it.

I then went back into my applications report ( http://krush.dkpsystem.com/adminappreport.php ) and from the "application" drop down I selected the Druid Application that I had made. It had my new submitted app, and considering that I selected it from the drop down, it shows up on the app report page as well.

Now that I have finished my little test here, and gave you a step by step of what I was doing along the way, I hope this might have helped you somewhat, as the applications are showing up as separate items to select in the application report page. I realize that this was a little "wordy" I just wanted to be through. Feel free to hit me up, either in a private thread here or on my site as well. I'd be happy to help out in any way I can.

If what I have said here is what you have already done, but the separate apps are not showing up on your site, then honestly I'm not sure how else I could be of help, it did work correctly for me as I understood your question.

If this is not what you are trying to accomplish, please feel free to give me a detailed step by step of what you did for your site and perhaps it might help me help you


Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.
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Thanks Clearpheonix, that solved the "Applications" link issue. I appreciate it!

The only thing I've run into is that doing them all separate like that makes them not come up in a list of all classes. No biggie though, we just use the drop downs.
I'm glad I was able to be on some help
I have received much help in these forums, and it's nice to try and give back

I took a little tour by Seige's website to take a look at your application process, as I was curious to see what you had done.
I did notice however that each application is exactly the same for each specific class.

Were you aware that with the default application setup in the system, when viewing submitted apps (if you have the proper rank to do so that is) on the app report page you can simply select different classes via the drop downs at the top of the page?

:See attached screen shot for reference:

If what you were trying to accomplish was simply filter specific apps based on class, then I'm truly sorry for pointing you in the direction of creating separate applications for each class.
I was under the impression from your original question that you were looking to have different app questions for each specific class etc,etc.

Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.
- Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)

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