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Fury/Prot warrior Kaiyeda

Fury/Prot warrior Kaiyeda
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Tarsondo recommended me to post a recruitment thingamajig here so you may get to know me a bit, so here goes:
My main spec is fury dps, I've cleared ToC 10 and got to Twin Valkyr on 25. My dps looms around 4-5K, with 5.6K being my record (Koralon 25). I come prepared with my own food and flasks when raid time comes, I can make fish feasts for folks. I make a point to read up on how each encounter works before I try it, so I at least have some bearing on what to do. I can get on Vent, if you use it. I've been in 5 raiding guilds across three servers now. I cover my own repairs, and leave the bank alone for the most part. As a Prot warrior, my set is far behind my Fury set, only having cleared Ulduar 10 up to Kologarn. My WoW-Heroes Gear-score is 2614 in Fury and probably around 2200-2300 for Prot. I know better than to think this alone will impress, but I hope it's a start. Tarsondo and I agree that, due to my inconsistent schedule (college, family needing the computer at strange times, etc.), I would be best suited as a secondary or tertiary raider, able to fill dps spots in raids when I am able and you need an extra hand. Personally, I'm quiet, but have a good sense of humor and won't be offended by anything even your most perverse minds can conjure. If I'm not saying much, it won't be because I'm wishing fire and brimstone on heathens. I steer clear of drama and don't bring any to the table. If I raid, I raid. If not, no big. If we wipe, it's a chance to learn and refocus. If I die and no one else did, It's *not* the tank or healers' fault, and I don't want a bRes wasted on me. If I get gear, that's great, if not I'm glad to be along and experiencing the story of WoW. If my dps is lax, I'm open to suggestions on what to improve on. I hope this wasn't too wordy and that it was enough to help you make a decision one way or another for me. Thank you for at least considering me.

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