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Roster not Auto-adding members

Roster not Auto-adding members
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I have been testing this a bit, but is it supposed to take time to exclude or include from the rosters automatically? I mean I set the rules that trial members and higher go into the guild roster and all below go into another roaster. but when I change the account's ranks it doesen't change automatically. but when I go and edit the include/exclude rules and click submit without actually editing anything then it does what it is supposed to. so is there some delay when the automatic process happens or is this a bug?

also as I found out now the plan I had about making different roasters is not working. wanted to do it so that active people who go on vacation get deleted from the guild roaster and go into vacation roaster automatically when I give the the vacation rank. and due that gain immunity to the Tax decay that i'm trying to implement. but the decay doesen't seem to care about the loot system's dedicated roaster (which is the guild roaster).
Ditto for me i am trying to make different rosters for my officers so we can break down officer and full members from probationary/inactive members, I was able to create one roster and it filtered out just Officers and there alts... but when i went to create another and auto add "full Members" from x rank to z rank it will not allow me either
I'm looking into the autoroster stuff to find out what's going on here.

It's all in the reflexes.
Any updates? just curious
Alrighty, sorry it took so long. I've made a handful of tweaks and bugfixes to this process. Updating an account and propogating those changes to the characters should now properly enroll those characters on the roster.

Updating the characters should do the same more reliably than before.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks Chops but it is still not working...
I am going to try to explain what is not working...

I click admin > rosters > add new roster
Name the roster
admin log in for this roster (me)
Leave is this a guild roster unchecked
Then click save

Then i get to Rosters on your site I have officers and The order of Catharsis and members listed but with members it says none are in the roster
I go to auto add and set up an inclusive rule i give the rule a title and inclusive and min rank and max rank then submit, then back to roster admin.
Choose the "members" roster and click members then i get to the screen that says Quick add to roster and add a new member i choose i choose On a specific roster and then a little window pops up and i choose my main roster, and click select and that is where it fails after i click select it does not let me add I hope that makes sense and i refreshed everything. Oh yeah i forgot to add the error that comes up is No Characters selected Perform action

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