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Restore a deleted post/thread

Restore a deleted post/thread
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Restore a deleted post/thread
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We have a guild issue that needs to be dealt iwht and there was a forum post that was either deleted or some other way disapeared that is tied to the issue. If you could restore any posts deleted from our guild site, www.perseid.dkpsystem.com, in the last 5 days it would be much appreciated.
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What is the rough name of the thread/post I should be looking for to make sure that I restore the right stuff?

I've restored some deleted posts from the past 5 days, but there are some threads that look more "official" that were deleted (something like "Guild Election Questions" or whatnot).

It's all in the reflexes.
I think it was something like Raiding, it was tagged Raid Leader. I beleive it was originally posted on Tuesday 11/17.
Sorry for not responding here further. I'm unable to find a post by that name in any of the backups. My guess is that it was both created and deleted before the daily backup captured it.

Sorry mate!

It's all in the reflexes.

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