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waitlist doesn't clear

waitlist doesn't clear
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Hi Chops,

when we upload our snapshots and we see the waitlist it shows us a really long list of ppl instead of the actual ones linked to the actual event - even ppl no longer here.

Erhm can this be because we use recurring event and have just used the same one for a long time?

Its like it shows all who have been waitlisted on this one and not only ppl waitlisted on the specific date.

Here is a file so you can see what I mean when uploading. it was taking yday the 9th of november.

Thanks man. I suspect the problem has to do with /grss reset not clearing the waitlist.

I'll have to deploy a new version of the GRSS To clear up that bug. In the meantime, type /grss invite to bring up the waitlist screen and then delete all of the waiting list members.

It's all in the reflexes.
Allright - Thanks chops

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