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Item Recieved - dkp

Item Recieved - dkp
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I have a question about Items Received and the link to DKP.

If you delete an item from the item list/database will that remove the purchase from the characters Item Recieved History?

Here is my scenario. Recently I cleaned up all of the items in the item list/database that were mis-spelled and had a broken link to the eq2 fan site zam. Since we had multiple items entered I simply removed the mis-spelled item rather than renaming it, leaving multiples in the list.

After the cleanup, myteriously there was a unexplained huge jump in a characters dkp. I have been trying determine why but the numbers simply add up. After adding last nights raid item this scenario hit me.

If this is true is there a log of items removed and the point cost for the user that was refunded dkp?

The only solution here is to restore deleted items from the backups. I can do this, if you like.

It's all in the reflexes.
Chops if the restore was done will the dkp for the items be recharged?

I alerted the officers and we will make a decesion based upon your answer.


It's all in the reflexes.
Okay Chops the officers voted to have it restored.

Please let me know when you can do it.

Will I need to re-do anything after the restore?
Hey Chops let me know if you can do this still.
I'm so sorry I hadn't done this. I meant to ask and thought I had, but I was waiting on this: what's your site's address?

It's all in the reflexes.
No worries. We are at doakithicor.dkpsystem.com

Also while I have your ear. Is there anyway to make required reading stuff popup like the profile update popup rather than the alert? We are finding that people miss the alert in the lower right hand corner.
Alrighty, your items are restored. Sorry it took so long.

As for the popups, perhaps I can make those alerts a little more annoying. I've actually been intending on making the alert box itself a little more obvious. You COULD make it bigger by adding the following to your CSS:

font-size:24pt !important

Note though, if anything changes about the alert box, you might need to update your code.

But that'll definitely make your alert box bigger and more annoying.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thank you Chops!

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