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GRSS Decay Issues/Manual Decay

GRSS Decay Issues/Manual Decay
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I havent been able to find a past post (yet) on my issue, so while I continue searching for an answer, I figured it couldnt hurt to toss out this post.

Ive been having sporadic issues with our Weekly decay. It is always set to decay after 7 days, at a rate of 20% (20% is recent, used to be 15%)

Currently it is set to begin 7/19/2009.

Today is the 28th and decay still has not gone through.

This decay was set sometime last week (aka after the 7/19 start date). Perhaps that has something to do with it?

Even in the past though when the decay worked, I did have issues at times. The decay would work fine for a week, than the next week the decay went through a few hours later than it did the previous week. A couple weeks later it would be a full day off. Than all the sudden, it usually corrected itself.

Anyway, if ya need any more specifics, or have seen this behavior before?

In the meantime as a workaround, is there an easy way that I could manually do a 20% decay before tonights raid? I checked out the Mass Adjustment a little, but never actually used it before. If Mass Adjustment is the way for me to do a manual decay for the week, I have 2 questions:

If I want to decay a persons EP and GP 20%, can I use -20% for the number field?

And is there a way to make such a change to everyone at once, or must I put in an amount for everyone in the Mass Adjustment?

I suppose a ton of what I typed above isnt the most descriptive wording. Let me know if ya need anything or clarification.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, I'm not sure of the cause. I'll have to have a look at things.

It's all in the reflexes.
Chops - This is a follow up for you on the issue mentioned above by Cjkory.

Yesterday when we cloned the DKP system to fool around with some manual decay (because auto isn't working reliably) it suddenly kicked in the decay on our primary DKP system.

Could there be a reason that the information is not actively updating on its own? But when prompted to check the Host server (like cloning a dkp system or something) it then recieves scheduled maintanance updates like decay?

Are the decay changes local to our website? Or are they managed somewhere else?

I hope I am making sense.

(I am working with the same guild dkp as Cjkory)

To further elaborate ... The trend I have most commonly found is that when we set the decay period it often takes at least an additional day to kick in. So if we set it for 7 starting on a Tuesday, it will often wait until Wednesday to kick in ... and on occasion it will go through on a Tuesday. Unless the clock starts at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, I would expect 7 days to be the following Tuesday.
One additional note ... sorry I know I should probably open a new thread for this.

Has the idea of implementing a GP minimum been tossed around yet? We use a system that utilizes a GP minimum value of 100 to keep our average PR closer together. It would be awesome to not have to manually adjust any GP that decays below 100 each week.

Not sure if that would be an easy implementation or not, but it would be a huge improvement as far as porting EPGP over from the In-game module to the GRSS method.

I thought about keeping the EPGP mod active in game and using the EPGP mod uploader (which was a great feature by the way) but the loss of all of the other terrific features that the GRSS mod lends was too much to lose without then needing to maintain 2 systems.
Ive been having sporadic issues with our Weekly decay. It is always set to decay after 7 days, at a rate of 20% (20% is recent, used to be 15%)

Currently it is set to begin 7/19/2009.

Today is the 28th and decay still has not gone through.

Similar stuff since implementation a few months ago, I've been turning it on/off which sometimes fixes it, sometimes doesn't. It seems to add an extra few hours or day here and there, especially at past the end of the month (though that could be a coincidence), in any case it would be good to have that looked into.
I'm still watching this thread, and looking into the issue. Thanks for your regular updates.

There is not a GP minimum yet, but I know that the EPGP mod does support this so it's something that would be worthwhile to implement. So I'm considering options for supporting a GP min.

It's all in the reflexes.
As a workaround, we have been forced to Clone the system every week. When we clone the system and turn on decay ... it always works immediately. For some reason it does not work again on schedule after first turning it on.

So the band-aid is to clone and then delete the old system. Clunky, but working for now.

I tried saving the previous clone for backup, but even when checking off the Hide Loot system box, it still double displays items recieved. So I have been purging old clones at this point.
have you solved it?

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I've made some tweaks behind the scenes. It's tough to tell exactly if it's working right given the time-frames involved, but let me know if it still seems to be acting finicky.

It's all in the reflexes.
I had a question which I think is along these lines.

We started a new system with 3.2 and we implemented Decay to start at 15 days. Is that 15 days calendar or 15 days worth of raids? cause we are at 9 days raids and 16 days calendar so far and it hasn't kicked in yet. so it could be a problem or just a misunderstanding

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