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Ideas: Add some HTML/BBCode explaining the DKP Current Standings page?

Ideas: Add some HTML/BBCode explaining the DKP Current Standings page?
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As part of Exiztence's in-progress guild site redesign we'd like to consolidate the most important DKP information, which for us includes at least a basic intro/description and one or more links (e.g. to Forum posts or the DKP Guide), onto a single page.

Ideally this page would also include a place where I could briefly post just the latest news/changes update (like grats to the tank on their default loot piece), but that could be done in the HTML/BBCode as needed. We keep raiding related news and DKP related news largely separate because it's not really relevant to someone just say browsing the site and applying to the guild. An alternative which has been discussed would be moving the forums+raiding news to another site and using DKPSystem.com only for DKP, but considering our Google presence and the high level of current integration this would be undesirable.

The core idea would be to integrate the functionality used by most guildies into a "DKP Homepage" would be quickly accessible in a DKP link/tab at the top of the main homepage (thinking of links/tabs like News/Forums/Guild Info(guide)/DKP for the main tabs which most users see). I'm probably the only person who uses more than the existing "Check your DKP" and "Loot & DKP Rules" links on our current DKP menu so we'd like to relocate that and prioritise other things.

The most straightforward thing for me would be to figure out a way, ideally not using Javascript/client side scripting or iFrames (due to the fixed width limit which would need to be specified), to add some HTML/BBCode or a Guide to top of our existing Current Standings page. Of course DKPSystem.com does not allow PHP level access (as far as I'm aware).

Something like this content wise (formatting of course is all subject to change as the CSS/Layout changes):

Ideally the titles/labels should also be user configurable, and perhaps the current standings would become like the forums, just another content section which could be included. Perhaps the DKP Graphs could become that way too, another content plugin.

I've tried putting the following HTML into a menu link but I'm just kind of stumped from here as to the best way to proceed:

<div id="DKPInfo" class=GuideTitle  KP Rules</div>
Please see the detailed guide available:
  <a href="http://exiztence.dkpsystem.com/guide/dkp">Loot & DKP Rules @ Exiztence</a>
<div id="DKPstandings" class=GuideTitle>Current Standings: Ulduar</div>
Current Standings page.
  <a href="dkpmember.php?"> Link here to Load Current Standings into current page??</a>

I'm definitely a self-taught rookie when it comes to web development, so I'm open to any creative suggestions, silly things I've missed, or other ways of realising this
That's a very good suggestion. Thank you, I can get this (or something similar slated).

It's all in the reflexes.
Sounds good

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