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DKP adjustments - feature request

DKP adjustments - feature request
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Is it possible to perhaps get an option on the DKP adjustment page to enter pre-determined bonus amounts, where we can select a character to receive them?

OR maybe if an Admin goes to an individual character page, they can a box with a bunch of checkboxes on it that they can click to give people DKP adjustments.

My guild awardeds bonus DKP based on several circumstances:
MilestoneEpicsZone AccessClass SpecificRecruitmentSoD Armor
Level 85....301.5 Epic...4MMM...10Clerics:Recruit passes the Proby period...50*Tier 3....25
Crystallos...10Circle of Divinity Rk2...10*Limit of 2 recruitment bonuses per month. Click here for more information.
Level 80...20Void Access B...5Tier 4....50
2.0 Epic...8Void Access C...5Rangers/Druids:Early Bonus:
Level 75...10Void Access D...10Vinelash Cascade...10Show up within 15 minutes of first raid call...2Tier 5....100
Void Access E...10

Instead of having to type these out for each adjustment, was hoping for a way to enter all of these conditions in, and then just selecting a checkbox for each of these. Feasible?

Followers of Nobility
This actually is something that's been sort of silently planned - adjustment categories.

It's all in the reflexes.

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