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dkp import

dkp import
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I have searched with as many terms as I can think of but can not find the answer.

simple question for anyone, is it possible to import the dkp standings from our curretn in game system to the site one?

We currently use quick dkp with all totals stored in the officer notes. I have checked the in game dkp mod and the profiler one but cannot find anything.

Not a big problem if their is not a way as it would be a one off job.

Thanks in advance
Currently, no, but I've been on a bit importing kick recently, and would love to add support for this.

Could you upload the quickdkp.lua file (or is it qdkp.lua) from your WTF folder? I can look into getting an importer built based on that (if it actually contains the data).

It's all in the reflexes.

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