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EQ2 Raiding Guild - Tainted - Kithicor Server

EQ2 Raiding Guild - Tainted - Kithicor Server
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Tainted is a T8 Raiding Guild that falls between
Casual and Hard Core.

RoK Raid instances - Cleared

TSO Kill list: Switchmaster, Absatalius, Strange Stalker,
Kultak the Cruel, Thet-em-aua

Currently we raid 4 times per week (raid times are Eastern.)

Mon/Wed/Fri - 8:30PM (5:30PM PST)
& Sunday 6:00PM (3:00PM PST)

We are in need of the following:


We require that all applicants be Level 80 with at least 180 AA.
We don't require prior raid experience, however it is helpful.

If you are knowledgeable in your class, can take constructive
criticism and listen to directions then we are willing to
overlook lack of raid experience.

If you are interested in joining Tainted please click
the Online Application or visit our website Here

For further information please contact Shianne or Darke on Kithicor.

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