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Changing server and guildname

Changing server and guildname
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Changing server and guildname
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Right, I am having a bit of a problem.

My former guild disbanded, and therfor I moved server to give it another go on antoher server. I still have alot of time left on my former guildsite, and I have changed the subdomain and the server in the setting on the site.

The problem is that even tho you get into decus.dkpsystem.com the line in the browserwindow itself still shows the name of the former guild, I see Pink Elephants. Is there anyways I can change that?

Another thing is, even tho I changed the main server we used from Bloodhoof EU to Eonar EU, when I pop up the Server Status box in the Menu admin, it still gives me the serverstatus of Bloodhoof. How do I make the change here too? I have tried deleting the entire thing and creating it again from schratch, it does not work. I suck arse at HTML, so I'm using the "website for dummies" options this lovely site offer. :)

Any help is greatly appriciated. I will hold off on my recruitment for the guild untill this problem is fixed, since it would kinda look bad, so maybe it's a little more urgent than others might think :)
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So sorry for the delayed response.

Make sure to head to Admin > Games > Games, then click [Servers]. (This is not the same as Admin > Games > Main Server/Realm).

After that's done, I recommend heading to Admin > Rosters, and also Admin > Characters, to make sure the Realms are the right ones for all your characters and rosters (you can change all realms for characters quickly using the Mass-Edit options on the Character Admin page).

It's all in the reflexes.

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