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AVG Webshield activated on poe.dkpsystem.com

AVG Webshield activated on poe.dkpsystem.com
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My husband went to our guild site today, poe.dkpsystem.com, and the AVG Webshield software detected a "Javascript obfuscation" attempt. It only happened once - on subsequent visits it did not notify us.

Here are the details that we can provide:

Web Shield findings
"Infection";"Object";"Result";"Detection time";"Object Type";"Process"
"Exploit JavaScript Obfuscation (type 604)";"crazeyt.com/?click=1F2F66";"";"5/9/2009, 2:33:08 PM";"file";"C Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
Interesting. Do you know what page this showed up on? I'm on your site now, but I'm not seeing anything that would indicate something being loaded from crazyt.com.

It's all in the reflexes.

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