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Questions regarding use of EPGP with dkpsystem

Questions regarding use of EPGP with dkpsystem
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i'm slightly new at setting up DKPsystem and i've been trying most of the day to set up EPGP to work on the site. by my own tinkering and through the FAQ and threads on this forum i've almost got it entirely set up, i'm just confused about a couple more things.

Is there a way to get the GRSS mod to show PR? I know that Points earned are the same as EP and Points Spent and the same as GP but I was wondering if I could get the total column to do division instead of addition. I don't want to do division by hand everytime a hotly contested item comes up.

Is there a way to individually edit peoples EP? I ask because we haven't started raiding yet and I want all the raiders to start with our minimum EP (1500) to make everything less confusing. I found that I can give people EP by making fake raids but in the future if I have to make a small adjustment I would like to know.

Can decay be set to go towards our minimum EP instead of towards zero?

Also, is there a way to set minimum EPGP or is that something we have to do ourselves.

Thanks in advance!
Is there a way to get the GRSS mod to show PR?

Of course. You need to mark the Loot system as "EPGP". On the admin menu, click [Edit] next to the Loot System. Then at the top of the page, select "EPGP" from the drop down list.

After running the GetGRSSDKP.exe program, your in-game standings will display the division rather than the addition.

To modify someone's EP (or GP, for that matter), you need to make an adjustment. Head to Admin > DKP > Adjustments.

At the moment, I'm afraid not. The decay will tend toward zero. We also don't have a minimum EP option available.

It's all in the reflexes.
Is there a way to completely remove some people from my DKP system?

I ask because I accidentally added a character that isn't going to be raiding. Even though they are appearing in the DKP standings page, I am not able to adjust their DKP because as they are not showing on the adjustments character drop down menu.

Edit: I know I can add a negative to the adjustments but two of the people I have in the DKP system are not showing up in my drop down menu
What's your site's address? I'll have a look at why the character is showing up.

It's all in the reflexes.

For example, I cannot do an adjustment on the character Slooter.

Also, sorry to sound so needy but I ran into another problem I can't figure out :-)

So I started everyone at 1500ep (our min) and we had our first raid last night where everyone earned 425ep. I inputted this by filling in the "How many points did the raid earn for killing X?" window after each kill. The GRSS addon itself is showing everyone at the proper EP (1925) but when I uploaded the data to the site it's saying everything is worth different points.

Flame Leviathan is supposed to be worth 100 points but the site says everyone earned 1.
XT-002 Deconstructor is supposed to be worth 100 points but the site says everyone earned 4.
Razorscale is suppose to be worth 100 but the page says 9.
Kologarn is supposed to be worth 125 but the site says 0.

The GRSS mod itself is saying everyone has earned the proper points but when I uploaded the parse it changed the EP values everyone got. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advanced so much your help is greatly appreciated.

Very bizarre. Could you upload the GRSS File that you uploaded so that I can follow along to see what happened there?

It's all in the reflexes.
Do you want me to upload it here or to the site again?
Right here is perfect. Thanks. I see from the data that the data in the GRSS file is correct, so I'll be looking more into the import process to see what might have happened.

It's all in the reflexes.
Can I just try to import the info again or will that screw things up?
You'll first want to delete the uploaded data from the last upload (Head to Admin > DKP > Raid Attendance, Admin > DKP > Items Received, and Admin > DKP > Adjustments and delete any data there). Once that's done, re-uploading would be fine.

Alternatively, you could just fix the numbers by going to Admin > DKP > Raid Attendance, and editing the snapshots there.

It's all in the reflexes.

I was delighted to see the EPGP Mod Importer tool in the Administration Menu since I have a long, frustrating history of posting EPGP standings for our Guild. However, when I tried to use it, it errored out saying the file was corrupt or the wrong file. Several attempts, verifying that I was using the right file, yielded that same results. I'm sure you tested this thoroughly before posting it and I'm sure it works for most people. I have had this problem with other EPGP importers. Our guild has over 500 members and does EPGP raids 8 to 12 times a week and have used EPGP for almost 2 years. My epgp.lua file is probably too big for the limits you put on your importer.

I am currently using the EPGP Importer at http://epgpweb.appspot.com/guild/us/Azuremyst/Echoes%20of%20Infinity/ and had previously used the Importer at http://www.pagic.co.uk/stuff/epgp/ . The fellow that wrote that importer had to increase MAX FILE SIZE from 100k to 10M to accommodate us old time EPGP users.

Sorry if this was a bit long-winded, but I hope it helps. I am attaching a copy of my epgp.lua.

Thanks. Give it a shot, it should be good to go now. It seems that EPGP had changed their format of the data file at some point. When, I'm not sure, or there might be a fork of the EPGP codebase or something that stores the data in a different format. In either case, either format should work now.

You're not the first to report this problem, there were a few others, all of whom have submitted bug reports, and I appreciate the diversity of data files I receive for it. It helps with debugging.

So, it should be working for you now.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ok I have a n00b question, can I use the epgpweb mod to upload to the site? Chops I thought you said we couldn't use that mod to upload to our web page? Maybe thats because I need to track raid attendance in addition to epgp PR's. Since I'm new to the loot system stuff I'm getting kind of confused.

EOINolo I'm setting up a new EPGP system and took a look at your site and it looks awesome. I was wondering what Mod your using and track that data?

They recently modified the data that is imported includes the names of the items the points that were spent and who won the item.

If you got this working chops I may have to reconsider using the dkpsystem on the site, is there any way I can trial it?
Currently the EPGP importer doesn't do the items/raids individually. It just loads the ratios.

I'm adding the full EPGP importer to the whiteboard.

It's all in the reflexes.

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