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Per-account DKP option

Per-account DKP option
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I think I found one of the areas that this isn't quite working the way we need it to...


Cecilee - Main
Shamah - Alt

I have enabled the per-account DKP option. Shamah looted a peice of gear on a raid the other night. It correctly removed the points from Cecilee, however the item does not show up in Cecilee's items received. This is making it difficult to compare our in game DKP with the site for our checks and balances system to ensure our members are always charged/awarded the correct amounts.

Is there a way for you to have it convert the items to the main account as well as the DKP?
I looks like it's showing the spent points properly (for the items), but the item itself is not showing in the items received list.

I'll work on a fix for this.

It's all in the reflexes.
As always, you are the bomb

I look forward to the fix and getting my co-leader off my ass

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