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Calender changes char name

Calender changes char name
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Calender changes char name
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Creator Misen
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Hi Chops,

For some weird reason the website keeps changing the name of one of our priest healers.

When she sign up she got the right name shown which is nalitae then after a while it changes the signup to be arknot which is a druid healer in the guild.

So know we got both a priest and a druid with the same name listed in the signups. >.<

I have tried to remove Nali from the roster and re add her, which works for a bit, but then it goes back to the issue above.

Please fix this asap as it is causing some confusion when setting the grp.
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Wow, I honestly have no explanation for this one. Perhaps I'm misinterpreting this.

It's not *renaming* the character in the system, is it? It's just showing the wrong signup, like as if the signups are getting changed?

It's all in the reflexes.
Hmm VERY odd!!

It seems to have corrected it self again - I removed the player from the roster and added her again a few hours ago and now its showing correctly.

For now u can close the ticket mate - I'll get back to you if it pops up again.

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