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one member - duplication

one member - duplication
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hi guys,

just needed a bit of help, i'm an officer and look after our guild's dkp and i was concerned with what i noticed today.

in our naxx dkp system you can see the member mistress - note her name and the E character is a funny alt character. i attempted to use the Full Character Transfer option but am unable to distinguish between them as they are both the same from what i can see.

both members have attended raids and acquired loot, but obviously it's the same person. is there something missing that i need to do to combine them and their respective dkp? i'm scared of trying something that can't be reversed, so asked here before i clicked and buggered something up lol.

just looked and it's in eye of eternity too so looks like it's across the board wherever she's accrued dkp.

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