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My site currently has 3 main sub galleries, two of which are private, one which is public. the public one is the guild first gallery and within that are four separate subgalleries.

I recently noticed after logging out to check the gallery preview on our front page that nothing was showing because the general public dindt have access to check the pictures. This is weird as i haven't changed gallery options lately. So well i go rechange the options and log out to check. Still the same. I log back in and it appears the view permissions have changed back to the way they orginally were. I then tried each individual subgallery within that. Same result. Still can't see the gallery preview on main page no matter what i try.

So ye, not sure if im missing something. Seems strange.
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found the problem. apparently the menu had which the gallery resided had its viewing permissions changed, thus gallery = unviewable by public even though gallery access allows.
I'm glad you figured it out. With some of those settings, it's important to check the menu item's permissions alone. "Chat" is an example of a feature that acts similarly.

It's all in the reflexes.

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