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Favicon not showing up

Favicon not showing up
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i have a .ico uploaded through the favicon option via the Admin options, i see it loaded on that page as a preview, but it still will not show up on firefox or IE. It was saved using that website you have recommended in other threads Chops. At first i tried saving a .ico on my own using a plugin for photoshop, it wouldn't loaded for any browsers, so i decided to give the website you've recommended a shot, still nothing. Can you help out?
yeah I have never been able to get it to work either =(
The problem for you, Isara, is that it's missing in the template definition. You guys are running a custom template.

You'll want to add the following to the <Head> section of your layout file:

<link rel=icon href="http://dkpfiles.com/synergyrh/icon">
	<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://dkpfiles.com/synergyrh/icon">

Your template is also missing that, Shianne, though that is largely my fault for missing it in the original Drop-In Template.

If you were to add that to the <Head> section of your template as well (changing synergyrh to taintedeq2), you'd be good to go.

It's all in the reflexes.
Perfect! The template was done by an old GM before my time, so i didn't know any of that. Got that line added in and we're golden! Thanks again Chops, you rock.
I'm having the same issue, but I cannot find the <Head> section of my CSS. I'm sure I'm missing something simple if you wouldn't mind pointing me in the right direction so I can enter the changes.

Thanks in advance.

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