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[Suggestion] "Hide DKP System" applies more universally

[Suggestion] "Hide DKP System" applies more universally
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[Suggestion] "Hide DKP System" applies more universally
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Creator Nehalem
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Some quick testing with the newly implemented DKP Tax.

Created a new system "DKP TAX TEST", and checked the Admin -> DKP -> [Edit] -> Hide DKP System Checkbox.

Created two new raids, one raid on 4/23/09 before the current date (4/25/09), one after on 4/27/09. Included up to 4 characters from existing systems, or alts not in existing systems.

Noted that assuming a trigger was written to perform the DKP Tax adjustments, it fired about here.

Created additional raids before and after present, modified more characters, etc.

Then will shortly be removing every change I could find so I don't have to deal with raider's queries.

Issues with initial tests

  1. Raids associated with a hidden system still show up in the "Last 30 Raids" - and show up as being missed for all raiders who are on the roster.
  2. DKP adjustments and items associated with the new hidden system, even at dates far in the future (6/30/10) also show up/are not hidden. This with the need to click a separate scrollbar to scroll down to see adjustments when many loot items are present can be somewhat annoying.
  3. DKP adjustments appear to be calculated on "Current DKP" which includes DKP to be earnt in the future, i.e. which hasn't actually been "earnt" yet. Have not tested if it would include items/adjustments effective as of a future date.
  4. DKP Adjustments are calculated to some number of decimal places (ideally I would like to keep all adjustments to integer values consistently rounded up or down, i.e. the floor() or celing() functions).
  5. Further testing indicates the adjustment is only performed once if more raids, characters or items are added to the system before or after the present date, and even if DKP Tax is removed, all adjustments are deleted and DKP Tax is reenabled - suggesting there is an internal flag preventing updates more than once daily. Hopefully this is applied per system.
    This is as documented/expected but perhaps not as desired. I guess it's workable but it's still going to require manual recalculation when raiders receive DKP which should or should not in reality affect "Current DKP" (e.g. giving DKP in advance for providing Fish FeastRefresh This Item for the raid, or modifying a raider's DKP minuses due to officer reviews - information which was not known in the past.)
Anyway, hope some progress can be made, thanks at least for essentially automating the mass adjustments feature for a DKP Tax, a nice time saver.
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