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Unholycore DK tank/dps

Unholycore DK tank/dps
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hello my name is Ricky i have been playing wow since BC, i started as a holy pally, till wotlk now i am a more fun hero class, i have cleared mags, gruuls, Kara, SSC, TK, MH, and BT...and cleared all wotlk both 10 and 25 man, not uld yet. I was a xfer from ironforge, do to time zone issue i couldnot raid anymore with my ould guild. I am fun ez going and skilled. i have all the raid mods reg and skills and smarts to understand a boss fight.

my dps is moslty h naxxs and my tanking gearis rather nax some h naxxs gear.

i am duel spec atm so i can swap when ever needed.

if u have any question pst me in game or u can talk to me i have a working mic.

I know and have raided and do some instance with Dawneth
Are you capable of xfering to the server: Emerald Dream?

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