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Credit DKP to a specific character on an account

Credit DKP to a specific character on an account
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Our system has these ranks as far as DKP is concerned:

Guild Leader - 100%, Officer- 100%, Veteran- 100%, Member- 100%, DKP Bot- 50%, Bot- 0%, Proby- 100%

I realize this is something probably not many others do, but it would be great and take a lot of admin work off of us if there was a way to credit all DKP earned on a character flagged as a 'Bot' to their 'DKP Bot' flagged character. The 'DKP Bot' acts as their Bot pool DKP that any DKP Bot/Bot can spend. This is completely seperate from a Member's regular DKP.

Right now if someone brings a character flagged as a 'Bot' on a raid, the system automatically gives them 0% DKP. This is intended, as we want their pool to stay on the one character flagged as a 'DKP Bot'. A way to automatically credit the DKP to their 'DKP Bot' when playing a 'Bot' would be a life-saving addition. Though I'm not sure how feasible it is to code.

Maybe as an easier way to do this is when a log is uploaded for raid attendence, at the bottom of the page it lists people not included in the raid dump that I could click to give the DKP to (their main bot, though I'd still need to know who that was) and unclick the character from the raid dump. Having character ranks show on the upload/attendence page would make things easier, too.

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