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Application verification issues

Application verification issues
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Application verification issues
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Creator Waal
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We have new applicants for a raid team roster that get to the last step, and then error out. (They say they see only a few characters displayed in the verify step, but then again, so do I.) However, some are successful if they try 15-20 times.

Yes, I know this may sound familiar...

Following the info in http://www.dkpsystem.com/viewthread.php?threadid=7149&newpost=1 I immediately checked the DNS settings, but they look correct:


A (Host)

Host Points To TTL Actions
@ 1 Hour

CNAMES (Aliases)
Host Points To TTL Actions
www @ 1 Hour

As a further check, when I substitute "lights-edge.dkpsystem.com/<whatever>" in place of "lights-edge.com/<whatever>" it takes me (and my applicants) to the DKPsystem homepage, rather than the guild default page. I am fairly sure that was not the case in the past.

So, am I missing something, or is this really a different issue (or issues)?

Thank you!
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Your base DKPSystem URL is http://lightsedge.dkpsystem.com/ not http://light-sedge.dkpsystem.com/

That explains the last part of your problem at least...

Ah, good catch!

I forgot that I wasn't allowed to use "-" in the name when I set up the site. I'll have to search the feature requests/updates to see if dashes are/will be allowed (after the other bit is sorted).

Yeah, there currently are no plans to add support for dashes in subdomains.

As for your application submission issues, I've gone ahead and lowered the restrictions for the verification image (not requiring case sensitivity). The verification image will show between 3 and 5 characters, so it's no biggy if it's quite small - that's normal.

I suspect a lot of the problem had to do with the case sensitivity of it (since most CAPTCHAS don't require case sensitivity).

Let me know if you users are still having the problem. I was able to submit apps on your site fine from both IE and Firefox.

Is there a particular app that's acting up?

It's all in the reflexes.
Thank you, Chops. I will put the word out to have them try again, and tell me which browser they are using as well.

Now that the weekend is over, it may take a few days to get many responses. However, since I couldn't replicate the issue myself, I suspect there's a really good chance you've nailed it.


Well, I got nothing but crickets chirping in response, so please close this one out as resolved.

Thank you!

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