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Domain Help

Domain Help
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Domain Help
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Creator Kamikazi
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I am trying to point my domain to be able to be used with my dkpsystem site. My domain host is godaddy and I cannot figure out how to get it pointed here since dkpsystem doesn\\\'t provide name servers to connect to. Som ehelp woul dbe greatly appreciated please!

my domain name is disbandedguild.com and my dkpsystem site is disbanded.dkpsystem.com!

I also tried forwarding with masking, but that seems not to be working either.

Right now we are using another site temporarily till we get the domain pointed here!
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I'm sorry for the delayed answer for you here. In GoDaddy, you want to head to "Total DNS Control and MX Records" and point your "A Records" to

Make sense?

It's all in the reflexes.

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