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Private RSS feed shows wrong data

Private RSS feed shows wrong data
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My RSS feed shows wrong data.

Forum Post: Guild Rules - reply here that you've reviewed them!

(4/2/2009 5:27pm) Posted by Valr

News Posts: Followers of Nobility is Recruiting!

(3/31/2009 12:00am) Posted by Valr

Valr didn't post anything on the news - that news post was by me. It's doing this randomly for posts on the feed, showing wrong posters.

Followers of Nobility
It shows the most recent poster as opposed to the thread creator. But for the News post, that's definitely a bug. That one's odd, I'll be sure to have a look at that.

It's all in the reflexes.
There are some seemingly out of place numbers showing up at the top of the popular threads output while logged in as well.

3854.6: 2776.1: 2500.6: 2323.8: 2243.1: 2226.7:
App (Recruitment): Heavensvoid: 80 Death Knight (11)
App (Recruitment): Krysus: 80 Rogue (7)
App (Recruitment): Smoobies: 80 Druid (7)
App (Recruitment): Tarragon: 80 Priest (4)
App (Recruitment): Ukitaka: 80 Druid (8)
App (Recruitment): acidface: 80 Mage (10)

Can you check it out?
Fixed. Thanks.

It's all in the reflexes.

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